Charitable Foundation "March of Life"

Bakk Evgenia Mikhailovna - director of the charitable foundation "March of Life".

Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, there are almost no boundaries between countries and continents. The Internet connects cities and countries. People now often have many common concerns and common ideas, which are sometimes polar ideas of good and evil... In the middle of the 20th century, the senseless ideas of Nazism led to a horrible tragedy, the Holocaust, the Catastrophe of the Jewish people, during which a third of world's Jewish population living at the time was exterminated. Today, many people realize that the Holocaust - the killing of six millions Jews by the Nazi regime - was not only a national but also a global tragedy that wrecked the foundations of civilization, when Nazi Germany decided to destroy an entire Jewish nation only because of their nationality...

People from all over the world need to learn from the horrors of the Holocaust, and take its lessons as a terrifying warning that if people do not learn to respect and understand each other, respect the right to live, regardless of each other's skin color or ethnicity, then this tragedy can happen again with any nation. We must fully understand the importance and remember the lessons of the Holocaust. This is the aim and the objective of the Kremenchug virtual museum of the Holocaust.