Sorrowful violets of the Holocaust

How to explain that just a generation ago millions of people were killed by other people? How to talk about such a terrible crime? However, we will do it, because future generations should know about the past to protect themselves from a similar fate in the future.

The Holocaust is one of the darkest pages in the history of Europe. It will forever remain in the memory of mankind. We must pay tribute to the victims of racial hatred on the grounds of which there was the Holocaust. We have to explain the essence of the Holocaust for young people.

On November 1, 2016 librarians of Higher Vocational Training School №7 held an educational event – alarm of conscience "Sorrowful violets of the Holocaust" in the room of the cabinet-museum of the Holocaust and World War II history. The event is called so because the symbol of this terrible tragedy is a violet. The Nazis probably knew beautiful legends of violets and the ancient Greek gods, but they began a deadly race for Jews’ lives.

The event has disclosed the content of the phenomenon of the Holocaust, its causes and consequences; defined the essence of the "new order" established by the occupiers and their crimes against the Jewish people. The catastrophe of the Jews of Europe and, in particular, Kremenchuk has been comprehended.

Songs by N. Boltianska "Babyn Yar" and A. Rosenbaum "Babyn Yar" video "Diary of Anne Frank", fragments of video "Save from oblivion" and "In memory of the Holocaust", a fragment from the movie "Babyn Yar" were used.

The Holocaust is a tragedy not only Jewish, but also the entire Ukrainian people. And so we have no right to forget about it.