Ekaterina Abramovna Fleyshits

Ekaterina Abramovna Fleyshits


Ekaterina Abramovna Fleyshits, the first female lawyer in Russia, was born in Kremenchug (28) January 16 1888 year.

Her father, Abram Petrovich Flejšic, was a private attorney; reception was in the House on Ciperoviča Street. Pushkin; Perhaps, in the same family, as among the ownersof real estate its name no. He was Dean of the school of prayer craft chapter of Talmud Torah "and Chairman of the Board of elders Society welfare to needy students of this school. For some time he was also President of the Council of administration ofmutual credit.

Ekaterina Abramovna Fleyshits graduated with a gold medal Kremenčugskuû Mariinsky gymnasium.

In 1904-1907 years. She studied at the Faculty of law of the University of Paris, because in Russia women at law faculties do not take, and graduated with honors. But at home, she was denied the right to be the Assistant of a sworn attorney on the grounds that it gives only the diploma of Russian universities. In 1909, Catherine Abramovna externally passed exams for the course at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University with diploma of the first degree, and received a certificate sworn Assistant Attorney.

November 5, 1909 for the first time in the history of Russian legal proceedings in court appeared woman-E.a. Flejšic. As the then newspaper, "the day of the debut of the first Russian female lawyer was kept in great secret, to avoid any preparatory actions". But the hearing was almost thwarted by representatives of those forces who believed that women's entry into the arena of public fight is the first step towards thebreakup of families, as well as the State.

And very soon the Petersburg Trial Chamber invited the Council to exclude the juryE.a. Flejšic from among the assistants to the jury. But it didn't break her spirit. Catherine has published an article about women's advocacy ", where proved the right of women to serve in the Court of zaŝittikom: even in ancient Rome were female lawyers.

Through active citizenship in 1911 Ekaterina Abramovna Fleyshits, a law was passed allowing women to receive a legal education.

In 1917, e.a. Flejšic passed exams for master's degree in civil law and was elected inthe number of senior lecturers of the Department of civil law and the process of the Petrograd University, where she taught until 1930.

In 1937, was approved in a scientific degree of candidate of legal sciences without dissertation and, in 1939, she defended her dissertation on personal rights in civil law.

In February 1940, 2011. the first of the Abramovne women of Catherine in the USSRawarded the degree of doctor of legal sciences and a professor at the Chair of civil law.

Repeatedly participated in the preparation of legislation of the USSR and RSFSR; co-author of several volumes of the course of civil law, commercial law, capitalist countries, Roman law, the Soviet civil law.

The first women lawyers Ekaterina Abramovna Fleyshits was awarded the honorary title of honored worker of science of the Russian Federation.

Awarded the order "badge of honor", as well as medals «for Leningrad defense», «for valorous work in the great patriotic war, "in commemoration of the 800 anniversary of Moscow".

One of the most active explorers materials about the life of E.a. Flejšic, a Moscow Professor I.l. Brodsky, told us that he was able to establish that Catherine Abramovny was native-younger sister

Raisa Abramovna Flejšic, who was born in Kremenchug 7 November 1889 year. Her surname to husband his ex girlfriend, she died in Paris October 22, 1974 and was buried October 29, 1974 year in the famous Parisian Russian cemetery in Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois. Most likely, she studied at the same as the women's gymnasium, Ekaterina Abramovna Fleyshits.

Also, some researchers claim that the son of Catherine Abramovny lived and was buried in Paris. But the documentary evidence that the Museum had not yet discovered.

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